Tone It Up Bikini Series Non-Scale Victories

Tone It Up Bikini Series Non-Scale Victories

This is it: the last day of the Tone It Up Bikini Series!

For those of you who haven’t been following my TIU journey, the Bikini Series is an 8-week nutrition and fitness challenge leading up to summer. Daily workouts are a combination of cardio and light strength training. There are free and paid exercise videos, plus self-led session suggestions. Nutrition is guided by the mantra, “Lean, Clean ‘n Green”. Following the final week, there’s a more intense challenge called the 7 Day Slim Down. And you share the whole thing on Instagram to join in on the beachy fun with thousands of other #TIUgirls. Yes, it’s a bit ridiculous. But with all of the hardcore alternatives out there for women looking to get in shape, this is my favourite option.¬†

Now that it’s all over, I’m looking back and reflecting on how it went. I stuck to the workouts quite consistently, but the nutrition plan was… well… kind of a disaster. I probably followed the “rules” around 50% of the time? For an overachiever like me, anything below a 90% is a complete and utter failure.

But in order to really judge my progress, I have to consider my original goals. The Tone It Up Bikini Series began with a “Find Your Why” goal-setting exercise. Here’s what I wrote:

Because I want a healthy lifestyle that makes me feel positive, summery and light – just like Karena and Katrina’s awesome vibes. ? I love challenges that promote consistency, especially when it’s good for you, too!

One of the main principles of TIU is not using the “scale” as an indicator of success. (This is generally because the densities of muscle vs. fat confuse people, but that’s not the only reason.) So in light of my goals, here are some non-scale victories I’ve achieved during my personal Bikini Series:

Completing a workout every day for nine weeks straight

Seriously?! A year ago, I told others (and myself) that working out just wasn’t something I did. And here I am! Definitely happier and healthier for it.

Signing up for an annual membership at a yoga studio

I tried out a 20-day free trial at my local studio and really loved it. So when the time came to either purchase a membership or stop attending, I decided on the former. It was a big investment, but now I’m confident that I’ll get my money’s worth.

“Winging it” at the grocery store and still making healthy choices

At the start of my Tone It Up journey, I was doing some¬†hardcore meal planning. And it was really knocking the wind out of me every weekend. While my meal prep process is still pretty intense, I’m now able to navigate the grocery store and shop the “TIU way”, without a meal-by-meal list guiding my every purchase.

Attending Tone It Up meetups

I met some real-life TIU girls during the Tone It Up Bikini Series, which was so motivating! It’s great to talk about our shared triumphs and struggles. Shoutout to my fellow #TIUTObombshells!

So what’s next, now that the Tone It Up Bikini Series is over? My ultimate goal is to see my health and wellness journey as a marathon, not a sprint (pun intended). It’s called the TIU lifestyle, after all!

What victories are you aiming for next?