Why You Should Create a Vision Board For Your Goals

Why You Should Create a Vision Board for Your Goals

Last weekend, I attended a “vision board party” and created my very first vision board. It’s basically a big collage of photos, text, and graphics that symbolize your visions and goals for your life. They’re pretty popular in the self-help and wellness space thanks to The Secret and the so-called “Law of Attraction“. I’ll admit that I was pretty skeptical. First of all, I’m not very artistic (at all). If my school poster projects were any indication, then this was going to be a disaster! 

I was also wary of the general idea of vision boards. If you envision it hard enough, it will just come true, right? Hm. Even if we use the word “manifest” instead of “come true”, let’s just say I’m not a big believer in that one. But after completing my vision board, I do think that there’s definitely some solid reasons to create one — even for a skeptic. So whether you’re just starting out or a goal-setting veteran, here’s why you should create a vision board to capture your goals.

Discover Your Priorities

I’ll be honest: I didn’t do much preparation for the vision board party. Others spent days selecting quotes and pictures on Pinterest to print out and put on their boards. I, on the other hand, collected some freebie magazines from those sidewalk stands and decided to wing it. So when I arrived at the party and started working, I realized that I don’t even know what my life goals are!

Rather than stress out about a five- or ten-year road map, I chose to picture my ideal future at a higher level. How do I want to act, think, and feel? This really helped me narrow down what types of images to include on my board. But more importantly, I was able to identify goals based on my own vision and priorities. I wasn’t just setting arbitrary targets for what I’m supposed to achieve in five years, ten years, or a lifetime.

Create a Visual Reminder of Your Goals

Let’s go back to the “Law of Attraction” for a second.

Simply put, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. (Source)

From a logical standpoint, this “Law” is mistakenly identifying correlation as causality. But I’ll concede that the more you focus on your goals, the more likely you are to put in the time and effort needed to achieve them. Your vision board acts as a constant (and visually appealing) reminder of the goals you’ve set for yourself.

For example, seeing the pile of veggies on my board might remind me of a healthy recipe to make for dinner, instead of ordering takeout. Seeing the quotes about positivity might lift my spirits and help me focus on a positive state of mind. Seeing the photo of a basket of kittens might encourage me to spend more time playing with kittens. (Which I did, by the way!) Whatever your visions and goals might be, a vision board can serve as a gentle reminder — or a kick in the pants — to refocus and take action.

Attend (or Host) a Vision Board Party with Like-Minded Goal-Setters

Having a bitchfest with girlfriends is great, but the fun and positivity of a vision board party is a whole different kind of catharsis. It’s a safe space to discuss your dreams and goals without worrying about being overly ambitious or unrealistic. I also found that we inspired each other with our ideas, sharing pieces of a photo or using a similar quote or sentiment. The party I attended was with a few fellow Tone It Up girls, so we all incorporated a health and wellness component in our boards. In the end we all had better vision boards than we would have had otherwise, and a lovely shared experience. (And also, snacks.)

My vision board is currently propped up in my home office so I can see it from my desk. It’s not perfect, but it definitely helps me keep my eye on the prize: the kind of life I ultimately want to lead.

What goals will you feature on your vision board?