Tim Hortons Tips from an Insider

Tim Hortons Tips from an Insider

Happy #Canada150! For those of you not in the know, today is widely celebrated as Canada’s 150th anniversary. Today we celebrate all things Canadian: hockey, poutine, apologizing, and, of course, Tim Hortons. This coffee and donut chain is basically the hallmark of our Canadian identity. You might already know that I work at Tim Hortons Corporate, so it’s no surprise that I’m a Tims superfan. But even before I started at the company two years ago, I was already living that Timmies life. So today, in honour of Canada, I want to share with you some Tim Hortons tips to help you have the best experience next time you pick up your double double. 

(I’ll also point out now that I’m not sharing anything proprietary… These are all tips I’ve amassed over my years as a guest!)

Adding Ingredients to Amp Up the Flavour

True to the Canadian spirit, Tim Hortons restaurants are all about “making it right”. That means you can customize your meal to your liking by adding or removing pretty much any ingredient. Whether there is an additional cost depends on the product and whatever you’re adding. If you’re curious, the official rule is that adding veggies to a product that already has veggies (like a turkey bacon club) is free, but adding veggies to anything else (like a bagel) is an extra charge. Personally, I love to add the spicy mayo from the breakfast wrap onto a biscuit breakfast sandwich. And you can’t go wrong with a bagel and cream cheese, tomato, and bacon.

Potato Wedges All The Time

Timmies’ new potato wedges have received mixed reviews online. I literally do not understand. They are my favourite thing ever. Also, they are a dollar cheaper in a combo, plus the usual combo discount. And because you can pair any side with any main course, you can get potato wedges instead of a hashbrown in your breakfast combo — for the same price as the hashbrown. Score!

Order, in Order

Are you frustrated by mistakes in your order? If you request your items and modifications in a particular sequence, you can actually alleviate a lot of those confusions with the cashier. Try using these Tim Hortons tips for ordering:

  • For coffees, first state your size and blend (e.g. a large dark roast), then your modifiers (i.e. one cream and two sugars).
  • If you’re ordering multiple coffees with different modifiers, list them separately. It’s so much easier for the team member to ring in “One small double double and one small black” than it is to ring in “Two small coffees: one as a double double and one black”. Trust me.
  • For breakfast sandwiches, it’s best to request your meat/protein first, followed by your bread: “Sausage breakfast sandwich on a twelve-grain bagel.”
  • If you’re going to make a special modification to a product, mention that before you order the product. I often see people ordering a sandwich, getting distracted by the rest of the order, and then telling the cashier that they want to change the bread or hold the sauce. The problem is that the team member making the sandwich might already be done by then! They may not even notice the change on the screen at the sandwich station. The earlier you alert them, the better.

The Coffee & Strudel Pairing

This “combo” was my go-to study snack in university… and nobody knew about it. If you buy a strawberry cheese strudel with a small coffee, you end up paying only, like, twenty cents for the strudel. And the regular price is the same as a donut! If you like the pastry, then it’s the best deal ever. I don’t know whether it’s a permanent discount, so get it while you can!

So go forth, Canadian friends! Use these Tim Hortons tips to enhance your Timmies experience, for Canada Day and beyond!

What Tim Hortons tips do you have to share? Let me know!