what I miss about home while on vacation

what i miss about home while on vacation

Now that I’ve been home from my tropical vacation for a couple of days, it’s starting to sink in that I’m back to the old grind. No more nice weather, free food, fun activities, or relaxation. If you’ve ever been on a long vacation, you’ll know that coming home is a bit of an adjustment. But something I hadn’t really anticipated was how much I would miss about being at home while I was away. Perhaps noticing these things was just a product of my inherent travel pessimism, but there were definitely a number of luxuries and details of my daily life that I would have preferred to have with me on my trip.

My Cat.

This was my first major vacation since Joe and I got Lorelai back in July. Sure, we went camping in August, but because it was only for a couple of days, we let her stay home with a couple of checkups from our families. For our ten-day trip this time, we were fortunate enough to have my cat-loving aunt and uncle look after our fur baby while we jetted off to the Caribbean. So while we knew that she was in great hands and was having a blast with her babysitters, Joe and I still found ourselves idly thinking, “I miss our cat!”

And of course, we called her halfway through the vacation to make sure she was having a good time. Who wouldn’t, right?

The Internet.

I go back and forth on this one. We opted out of any Internet packages while on-board the cruise, so I had no access to anything online until we returned to Port Canaveral. Admittedly, I didn’t really miss having access to my work email. This was especially true because I knew I couldn’t very well deal with any issues remotely anyway, so there was no point in knowing about them until I was back and ready to tackle them. But I struggled with being out of the loop when it came to the news, Facebook, my personal email, and even some of my favourite apps like Bloglovin’. I couldn’t even think about posting on my blog! (Not that I had lots of leftover energy for that anyway…) I probably won’t buy myself Internet access on my next vacation, either — so I guess I’ll resign myself to complaining about it then, too.

Random Clothing/Accessories/Amenities.

My suitcase was almost double the size of my boyfriends’. And even then, I wasn’t prepared for the countless unexpected situations I faced on the cruise. It felt like a constant struggle, realizing, “I should have brought that!”, “I have that exact thing that I need at home!”, and “If I had known about this, I would have been so prepared!”. While many of these situations came up simply because of my cruise inexperience, some of them simply couldn’t have been anticipated. I suppose all you can do is pack for generic disasters and hope for the best!


Remember what I said about getting back to the old grind? Well, as it turns out, I kind of like the old grind. I like to have a structure to my day, a reason to get up and go, an external motivation beyond just “having fun”. It was nice to have the flexibility to do anything I wanted at any time. But then I didn’t know how to decide how to spend a particular moment. So unfortunately, this led me to “deciding” to nap a lot more often than I usually do, rather than making a real decision. For future vacations, I think I may need to make myself more of a schedule, just to ensure that I actually get out of bed and do something that I actually want to do.

Tim Hortons.

Gotta love that caffeine withdrawal. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t really like coffee unless it’s Tims coffee. I can handle Starbucks Blond Roast, but the coffee on the cruise ship tasted like bitter dirty water to me. And I often ended up having to put cream in my coffee instead of milk (or worse — creamer…). On Monday, when we got back to Canada, the first thing we did once we cleared customs was grab some Tims.

The Weather.

*Looks outside…*

Just kidding.

What do you miss about home when you’re on vacation?