“L” is for Lonely (and Late!)

Hello there! My schedule has been a little different over the past twenty-four hours, and as such, I totally didn’t have a post ready for this morning at 7am to continue the Blogging from A to Z Challenge according to my usual timeline. So why am I lonely, and what does this have to do with being late with my post?

Joe’s in Chicago on business this week, but rather than staying home and watching Netflix by myself (as I would typically do), I’m shaking things up by hanging out at my parents’ house for a couple of reasons:

  • My sister wanted me to tutor her for her Grade 12 vectors midterm that was this morning (more on that tomorrow, in “M” is for Math).
  • I have an appointment with the orthodontist in half an hour. It’s been five years since I got my braces removed, but lingual wire broke. Yay.
  • I’m going out for lunch with my mom and my grandmother after our respective appointments today.

So right now, everyone is out of the house doing their own thing, and I’m lonely again! (Just kidding.)

I’ve actually noticed, both over the last couple of days and anytime Joe is away on business, that I seem to change a few things about my life when I’m essentially “living alone”.

I do more chores.

As bad as this sounds, I think I get more done around the house because I know that if I don’t do anything, it just won’t get done. If there’s someone else in the house, then maybe he’ll do it…? That just ends up being another form of procrastination.  But when it’s just me, I might as well get it done, right?

I head in to work earlier, or stay later.

This is a combination of taking the opportunity to get more done at work, and knowing I’ll be lonely at home if I head out right at 5 o’clock. Also, work has free coffee.

I spend more time with my family: less lonely, (maybe) more fun.

I took the day off today for my ill-timed appointment. I still prefer being around people for the majority of my time, even if the fam isn’t doing anything particularly interesting or we’re not even really paying attention to each other. When I’m on my own, I find that I’m pretty clearly in ambivert territory.

So that’s my life right now! Thanks for stopping by.

What do you do differently when you’re home alone?