Garden Update: Victoria Day Long Weekend

Garden Update Victoria Day

Happy Victoria Day, Canadians! To everyone else, happy Monday! We’ve been having some lovely weather in Oakville this weekend, so Joe and I spent a good chunk of time yesterday selecting and planting some vegetables, fruit, and herbs for our garden.

To give you some background, we moved into this rental house a year (plus a week) ago. Last year, then, we essentially missed the boat in clearing the yard of weeds and unruly wildflowers. We did manage to grow some herbs and a very successful zucchini plant, but most of the backyard went largely unattended.

 Garden Updates — Wildflowers

This year, we had the opportunity to do some edging and selective weeding. While we’re not at the commitment stage of rototilling the whole garden, we did clear a few choice spots for sun and moisture. We’ll see what happens!

So what are we hoping to grow this year?

Garden Update: Veggies

We got an assortment of vegetables we’re trying out this year:

  • Red and Curly kale
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Carrots
  • Red onions
  • Eddoes*
  • Broccoli

 Garden Update — Vegetables

We have a bit of vegetable-growing experience and very hungry squirrels and bunnies in our neighbourhood, but we’ll see what survives and let that determine what we try again next year.

*Regarding the eddoes: Joe bought them at the grocery store on a whim, having never tried them. But he waited too long to cook them and they sprouted — so he planted them instead, and now we’re curious about what, if anything, will grow!

Garden Update: Fruit

This year we’ve planted:

  • Sweet One Million cherry tomatoes
  • Everbearing strawberries
  • Hot red cherry peppers
  • Orange bell peppers
  • And, of course, zucchini!
Garden Update — Strawberry and Butterfly

Real butterfly, not an actor.  

So far all of these are beginning to flower, so that’s a good sign! I’ve just been reading up here on our tomatoes, which are an “indeterminate” variety, and learning how to prune them when the time comes.

Garden Update: Herbs

 Garden Update — Packing Pallet Herb Garden

We’ve been using a packing pallet standing on its end as a herb shelf, as set up by the previous tenants of our place. Last year we had basil, lemon thyme, peppermint, spearmint, rosemary, and savory. This year we’ve opted to only plant the herbs that we used regularly last year: basil and spearmint. We also added lemon basil for some variety. As for the other herbs, we still have dried herbs from last year to go through!

So that’s our garden status as of this moment. We’re still trying new things and researching best practices. The upcoming week in southern Ontario looks like it will be warm, and alternating between sunny and rainy days, which is perfect! Fingers crossed for a fruitful (hah) season of gardening.

What edibles are you growing this year?