20 thoughts you have before a vacation

20 thoughts you have before a vacation

Hey there, Internet friends! In less than 24 hours, Joe and I will be on a plane to Orlando for our cruise vacation! This is my first cruise, so while I’ve heard lots of details and advice from others, I’m still not quite sure what to expect. I think it goes without saying that we’re very excited. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures. I also hope to blog throughout, but the actual post frequency will depend on the state of my Internet access. We shall see!

If you’re like me, getting ready for a vacation isn’t all fun and games. I’m both organized and scatterbrained, so the preparation for any trip or event of this magnitude is an emotional roller coaster. My pre-vacation thought process is all over the place!

  1. “This vacation is ages away… It’s going to take forever! At least I have lots of time to get ready.”
  2. “I’m actually kind of excited to go away. I mean, sure, it’s far off, and I’m not really sick of the daily grind yet, but it’ll definitely be a nice change.”
  3. “Wow, trips are expensive.”
  4. “Maybe I could just have a stay-cation instead? We could go to a bed and breakfast or something. It could be close to home, and we could take in the beautiful Canadian landscape…”
  5. “Canada is freezing. But only when it’s inconvenient.”
  6. “I feel like I’m forgetting to book something… I do have a plane ticket, right?”
  7. “I need a new bathing suit.”
  8. “I need new sunglasses.”
  9. “I need new luggage.”
  10. “On second thought, luggage is expensive. I’ll just borrow from my parents…”
  11. “I hate packing.”
  12. “I’m forgetting something.”
  13. “Google sent me a push notification for the weather in Orlando! Too bad I’m not there yet.”
  14. “What did I forget to print out? Or was it something I was supposed to look up?”
  15. “I can’t wait to go on vacation!”
  16. “Oh my gosh, I leave tomorrow? That took no time at all! There’s so much more to do!”
  17. “I am going to miss my cat so much.”
  18. “I hate packing!”
  19. “Okay, okay, calm down. You made it to the airport! You have all of your luggage! You even remembered your passport!”
  20. “I know I’m forgetting something…”

My biggest challenge when going on vacation is setting aside all of the worries and stresses that come along with it, and actually enjoying it — which is the whole point! Here’s hoping I’ll be successful this time.

Does this sound a little like you? How do you prepare for a vacation?